The Reviews Are In! - 09/14/2007

Critics are raving about Welcome to the Freakroom! Here are some samples:

“Welcome to the Freakroom” is a satisfying listen and an extremely strong entrance into the prog realm. ...Highly recommended and most likely to be a top pick for 2007." - Jason Bermiller, Progbase (Full review)

"...This one is chock full of intricate musicianship, changes, mood swings, and grandeur. Yes indeed, the things this old proghead is a sucker for. The band really gets to show what they are made of, and they don't disappoint...."  H.T. Riekels, Progarchives (Full Review)

I loved Shadow Circus! For me it has the perfect blend of accessibility and adventurousness. ...I highly recommend you get a hold of a copy of Welcome to the Freakroom by Shadow Circus. This disc is loaded with some great sounds, great songs and great music. If there is any justice in the music world, Shadow Circus will become that 15-year in the making overnight success. ..." - Jerry Lucky, author of The Progressive Rock Files (Full Review)

And the list goes on! See our reviews page for more! 



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