Work Has Begun on Second Shadow Circus Album! - 10/16/2007

We are pleased to announce that we are in the studio and have begun writing material for the second Shadow Circus CD!

Fans of the first CD will be pleased to know that this time around, we will be taking full advantage of the running time offered by modern CD's, with two songs already pushing the "epic" barrier at well-over 15 minutes, and many more on the way.

This new release will also expand on the writing team of founders John Fontana and David Bobick, with important contributions coming from new keyboardist Richard Horn, and bassist Matt Masek.

So far, I can tell you that listeners will get more of the epic style heard on "Journey of Everymen", as well as some hints at more modern and heavier, guitar-driven progressive rock.

The band's goal is to have the new CD completed by Summer of 2008.



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