Track Listing Announced for New Album - 12/11/2008
We just wanted to wish everybody a healthy and happy holiday season, and keep you up to date on the latest news from the Freakroom...

The band is pleased to announce the title and track listing for the new CD...

CD Title: Whispers and Screams

Track List:

1.) Project Blue
- Captain Trips
- The Long Road Home
- The Big Fire
- The Seduction of Harold Lauder
- The Horsemen Ride
- Hand of God
- Coming Back Home
2.) Willoughby
3.) When Morning Comes
4.) Angel With Dirty Wings
5.) Bolero

As fans of the first album recall, we love using literary references, as we did on the songs "Shadow Circus", inspired by Something Wicked This Way Comes, and "The Journey of Everyman", which was inspired by the epic novel, The Talisman. On the new CD, "Project Blue", an epic suite running over 30 minutes, follows the story of Stephen King's masterpiece, The Stand, and "Willoughby" is based on the legendary Twilight Zone episode, "Last Stop at Willoughby".


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