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Welcome to the Freakroom Whispers and Screams
Publication: Fireworks Magazine
Reviewer: Steven Reid
"...In terms of the manner in which they tackle a weighty tale and bring it to life through a mixture of classic progressive rock values, modern prog themes and a very strong storytelling ability, this is a release that works magnificently. Cleverly. whether you want to immerse yourself fully in the conceptual side of things, or purely the excellently constructed music, the effect is never diminished."

"...Some want their prog to nod to the past - others crave a dash for the future. Shadow Circus deliver both. On this evidence 'On A Dark And Stormy Night' is just about the most rewarding place you could hope to be!" complete review...

Publication: Fire of Unknown Origin
Reviewer: Raffaella Berry
"...will probably feature in quite a few "best of 2012" retrospectives. Impressively well-structured and cohesive from both a musical and lyrical point of view, the album shows a band that have finally attained full maturity." complete review...

Publication: Sea of Tranquility
Reviewer: Pete Pardo
"...There's beauty, passion, emotion, and power throughout On a Dark and Stormy Night, a progressive rock album that pretty much works on all levels. Epic for those who like the prog rock greats of the '70s, just heavy enough in spots and with plenty of musical virtuosity for the prog metal crowd, and a well crafted concept based on a beloved book that will surely please both camps. Shadow Circus have certainly started off 2013 with a real bang!" complete review...

Publication: The Bodhisattva Beat
Reviewer: H.T. Riekels
"...It is destined to be one of my favorite albums. I know because I love it more each time it plays. Yeah, no BS, no exaggeration, this is a freaking great album!" complete review...

Publication: Gazoinks!
Reviewer: Avery Campbell
"...The best album so far by one of my favorite bands, and probably my favorite album to be released this year." complete review...

Publication: Progarchives
Reviewer: Scott Tuffnell
"...I have no complaints at all, and in fact have no hesitation to rate this as a masterpiece of Symphonic Prog. It encompasses all that I love in the genre; a compelling concept, with innovative music embracing a 70s texture that still maintains a current style, extraordinary melodic musicianship, complex signatures and structures, and well executed vocals. Shadow Circus are marking their territory with their extraordinary vision, and have created something very special with "On A Dark and Stormy Night". " complete review...

Publication: Musik Reviews
Reviewer: Jim “The Ancient One” Lawson
"...Terrific atmospheric passages, superb keyboard passages (that Hammond sound is so majestic) and blistering guitar work coupled with excellently fitting vocals ooze out of the speakers."

"...A very highly recommended album for any prog collection and I compliment the 5 members of the band on their excellent achievement."

(4 Stars) complete review...

Publication: Manticornio
Reviewer: Alfredo Tapia-Carreto complete review...


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