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Welcome to the Freakroom On a Dark and Stormy Night
Publication: Metal Reviews
Reviewer: Zadok
"...Imagine every genre of rock ever, distilled of their best elements and produced into a single molten bar of aural gold, and you have Shadow Circus in a nutshell....

...I can't help but wish I'd have heard this sooner, as it would certainly have made my list for the best albums of 2009. As it is, remember the name, as with the right record label taking interest Shadow Circus could become very big indeed..." complete review...

Publication: The Bodhisattva Beat
Reviewer: H.T. Riekels
"...I can't stress enough how good the musicianship is on this album. The guys have all mastered their craft, and are ready to hang with the big boys. Just listen to Corey's tight and intuitive drum work, and especially John's beautiful piano and acoustic guitar passages.

...What we have is excellence in traditional symphonic prog form....What they really have going for them is the mass appeal. Even with increased complexity, the music is still very accessible. Hooks abound. The fun is also very evident. It is obvious that these guys love what they do.

..."Whispers and Screams" is a solid effort from beginning to end. I knew these guys had a spark of greatness right away, and now we see it starting to blaze. And just like last time, I am already starting to wonder what may come next. This is a fantastic album, and shame on any prog fan that still has yet to hear Shadow Circus." complete review...

Publication: Progarchives
Reviewer: Atomic Crimson Rish
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars " far as I am concerned, Shadow Circus are one of the best Symphonic Prog acts I have had the pleasure to listen to. The new CD Whispers and Screams is choc a block full of innovative ideas and amazing virtuoso musicianship...The intricate musicianship and time sig changes are a progger's dreamchild and this band delivers in spades. It has all the makings of a 70s classic yet delivers something new in its approach. This is one of the most innovative albums in recent years..." complete review...

Publication: Progarchives
Reviewer: Ivan Melgar
"...this is what most of us like of Prog, the excesses and the desire to create something that exceeds the mediocrity we listen on daily bases in the radios or TV... we are before a real band with a lot to offer....Four solid stars for Whispers and Screams." complete review...


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